Conference Proceedings

Connecting the Gifted Community Worldwide
Selected Proceedings from the 12th World Conference of the World Council for Gifted and Talented Children
Seattle, Washington, USA
July 29 -August 2, 1997

Table of Contents

Part 1: Curriculum and Programs

Programs for the Gifted: To Be or Not to Be
Abraham J. Tannenbaum

Preparing the Gifted Student as Independent Learner
James J. Gallagher

The National Research Center on the Gifted and Talented: Lessons Learned and Promises to Keep
Joseph S. Renzulli & E. Jean Gubbins

Can Appropriate Curriculum Become a Reality in Schools
Joyce VanTassel-Baska

If we learn what we live: An everyday curriculum for the development of talent
Lauren A. Sosniak

Differentiating Instruction for Gifted Learners in Mixed Ability Settings: Challenge and Potential
Carol Ann Tomlinson

Straddling the Globe: Connecting Like Minds
Paule Eckhaus


Part 2: Creativity and Identification

Developing Young Adolescent Performers at Juilliard
Rena F. Subotnik

The Etiology of the Core Attributes of Giftedness
Mary M. Frasier

Talent, Creativity and Expertise
John F. Feldhusen

Giftedness, Talent, and Genius: How the Same? How Different?
Dean Keith Simonton

Recognizing Indigenous Creativity
M.K. Raina


Part 3. Emotional Development

Through the Lens of Giftedness
Linda Kreger Silverman

Emotional Giftedness: An Expanded View
Michael M. Piechowski

Brynhild's Fire: Talent, Courage and Betrayal in the Lives of At-Risk Girls
Barbara Kerr & Sharon Robinson Kurpius

Affections and emotions in gifted and talented adolescents
Irma Francisca Buratti

Gifted Children and Social Maladjustment
Beatriz Alvarez González


Part 4: Professional Development

The Interface between Secondary and Post-Secondary Schools: US Alternatives Before and During College for Academically Gifted Students
Nancy M. Robinson

Educational Reform and Gifted Education
Wu-Tien Wu

Gifted Education in the United States: Past, Present and Future
Peter D. Rosenstein