The purpose of the World Council for Gifted and Talented Children (WCGTC) is to focus world attention on gifted and talented children and ensure the realization of their valuable potential to the benefit of humankind. To meet these goals the WCGTC commits its resources to the following activities:

·  assemble, for an exchange of ideas and experiences, people from all over the world interested in gifted and talented children

·  create a climate of acceptance and recognition that gifted and talented children are a valuable global asset whether disabled or able bodied, from advantaged or disadvantaged backgrounds, or from developing or developed countries

·  initiate, conduct, and support research into the nature of giftedness, talents, creativity, and the education and development of gifted and talented children; disseminate the findings of this research and provide a database for members and researchers

·  establish means for a continuing worldwide exchange of ideas, experiences, and teaching and teacher-training techniques relevant to gifted and talented children

·  persuade governments to recognize gifted children as a category for special attention in normal educational programs, and to cooperate with national and other organizations for gifted and talented children who share these purposes

·  design activities that bring together gifted and talented children worldwide

·  encourage parent and family education and support to enhance all children's potential