President's Message  

The 17th Biennial World Conference will take place in Warwick, England from August 5-10, 2007. It is a wonderful opportunity for us to meet to exchange ideas, experience, and research. I urge you to attend this great conference that belongs to you all, and would very much like to encourage you to plan to register, if possible, by April 20, 2007 as that is the deadline for early registration. I hope you are able to register early for this important event.

I want to thank you for supporting our online newsletter. Most of you have agreed to receive our newsletter online. Our newsletter publishes the latest news and information about our organization, membership, and the international gifted education community. I encourage you to send a message to Headquarters for our newsletter, so that you can share what’s happening in your country with others in the field.

I want again to apologize to you for the delay in the publication of our journal, Gifted and Talented International. Our editor Dr. Maria McCann has been ill and taken a temporary leave. We wish her the best.  In the meantime, I want to express appreciation to Dr. Taisir Yamin and Dr. Albert Ziegler for helping with the journal as co-editors, and they have been working hard to keep our journal continue on.

In the last issue of our newsletter, Professor Ching-chih Kuo, the President of the Asia-Pacific Federation of the WCGTC, reported on the success of the 9th Asia-Pacific Conference on Giftedness. Professor Ching-chih Kuo has since donated funds from the proceeds of that conference in the amount of $5,000 USD to the WCGTC. I would also like to acknowledge the generous support of two individual donors Mr. Ming-Tze Chen and Mr. Ming-Tyan Jwo. On behalf of the WCGTC, I want to extend my most sincere thanks to each of you. Your support of the World Council is graciously valued.

Congratulations and thanks to Mike Bergsgaard! Mike had been assisting with the World Council by serving as a liaison between the University of Winnipeg’s Faculty of Education and Headquarters. He’s taken a position as acting Associate Dean for the Faculty of Education and is no longer assisting the World Council. We thank him for serving the World Council as he did. Louesa Polyzoi, a professor of education, is now working as the liaison person. We welcome Prof. Polyzoi and her assistant Dana Arpin to collaborate with Lisa and Annette to strengthen our Headquarters services.

For the year 2007, I wish you all the best.

Den-Mo Tsai
President, Executive Committee
World Council for Gifted and Talented Children