The following awards have been given by the World Council since 1995:

World Council Distinguished Service Award
Selection Criteria: Outstanding contribution to gifted education as reflected in service to the World Council and the furtherance of its purposes over 10 or more years.

·  James J. Gallagher (1997)

·  Wu-Tien Wu (1999)

·  Barbara Clark (2003)

·  Klaus Urban (2005)

World Council International Creativity Award
Selection Criteria: International recognition as a researcher in creativity; significant contribution in promoting creativity in education.

·  M.K. Raina (1995)

·  Arthur Cropley (1997)

·  Morris Stein (1999)

·  E. Paul Torrance (2003)

·  Don Treffinger (2005)

A. Harry Passow Leadership Award
Selection Criteria: International stature as a leader in gifted education; a person whose life and work has significantly influenced policy and practices in gifted education; outstanding contribution in promoting the cause of gifted education worldwide.

·  E. Paul Torrance (1997)

·  John Feldhusen (1999)

·  Joseph Renzulli (2005)

World Council Research Award

·  John Felhusen (1997)

President's Award

·  Edna McMillan (1999)

·  Dennis Stevens and Sheila Madsen (2005)

·  Joyce Van Tassel-Baska (2005)

·  Barbara Clark (2005)

·  Dennis Freitas (2005)

·  Nancy Green, Executive Director, and Brent Mundt, Deputy Director, National Association for Gifted Children (USA) (2005)